5 Things for Buyers to Consider Before Calling a Real Estate Agent
Posted by thebartikoskigroupin, 02/23/2018 7:30 am

Buying a home isn’t like ordering a pizza. More thought, prep work, and money go into the process, and because most people only do it once or twice in a lifetime, it’s understandable that many aren’t well-versed in the nuances of evaluating Lake Minnetonka homes for sale. However, a local real estate agent can make things simpler for clients. In this guide, potential buyers will get several important facts to consider before hiring an agent.

It’s Important to Set a Budget Before the Search Begins

Finding the ideal home is simple when money is no object, but that’s rare. For most buyers, finances are a primary concern, and it makes no sense to waste time looking at homes that are out of one’s price range. By setting a budget or getting pre-approved for financing before looking for a home, a buyer can find out just what’s affordable.

Calling the Listing Agent Isn’t Necessary

Some first-time buyers don’t realize that both sides have their own real estate agents. Ideally, the buyer’s and seller’s agent work with one another to convey clients’ concerns and questions and make deals. When a buyer calls the listing agent, they undermine the relationship they’ve built with their own.

Observe Everything, But Say Little

Another common mistake among buyers is to talk too much during open houses and showings. It’s easy to get carried away in conversation, and a new buyer may disclose too much information on their budget and their feelings on the home. Much like playing poker, it’s important to avoid sharing too much during the negotiation process.

It’s Not Necessary to See Everything

For most buyers, it’s not necessary to look at dozens of properties to find the ideal home. If the agent is truly working for the buyer, they’ll screen potential properties and ensure that the client will only look for homes that fit their needs.

Don’t Get Cold Feet

Buying a home is a substantial commitment. It can be frightening to some, and it’s easy to get caught up in envisioning worst-case scenarios. While it’s possible that something may go wrong, buyers shouldn’t let that possibility keep them out of the market.

Call Now

Real estate agents are there to help buyers find the right property for their needs, but to make things go right, buyers need to do their part. By considering the above factors, a home buyer can simplify the process and get the home they really want. Call The Bartikoski Group for more information or visit The Bartikoski Group today.

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